Why Choose Hallster Products?

Our Classic Wooden water wheels (unlike cold metal) are that perfect accent you've been searching for, a wonderful "natural" companion to the vibrant scenery in your landscape. Constructed from Highest Quality Cedar or optional pressure treated Ponderosa pine, we have a deep sense of personal pride in every one of our authentic creations.

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Lifetime Limited Warranty

Total Satisfaction, Yes we know with confidence you will be completely satisfied with your Hallster WaterWheel Investment. We as a company have come to understand the reality that not all business appreciate the value and responsibility that come with a "top quality" label on there product. We do therefore, without reservation adopt and maintain a healthy measure of pride in all our products. We firmly apply, applaud and believe the well known truth "Quality comes before Quantity." Our Waterwheels are known to mirror this truth year after year after year, truly defining what "BetterBuilt" really means. At HallsterWaterwheels we stand behind our top quality handcrafted products. We are absolutely confident that all of our products, developed with their original antique charm and outstanding quality, will bring satisfaction to all your expectations.

The performance of your wooden product depends on how well you maintain it. Please see our Waterwheel "Maintenance Page" for suggested Waterwheel maintenance. The natural properties of wood include knots, minor cracks and splinters, as well as the natural expansion and contraction of lumber depending upon temperature, environment and natural grain traits. Following maintenance recommendations will maximize the performance and beauty of your natural wooden Waterwheel.