Why Choose Hallster Products?

Our Classic Wooden water wheels (unlike cold metal) are that perfect accent you've been searching for, a wonderful "natural" companion to the vibrant scenery in your landscape. Constructed from Highest Quality Cedar or optional pressure treated Ponderosa pine, we have a deep sense of personal pride in every one of our authentic creations.

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Support Questions

Pump will not Prime:
  1. Air pocket in pump tilt pump to side to release air.
  2. Dirty filter / clogged line / pump needs upgrade for vertical height requirements.
  3. GFI receptacle needs reset.
  4. Timer turned off.
  5. Water level to low - possible pump burned out. Replace pump, maintain water level to correct height.
  6. Ice in supply lines - Turn pump off / till temperature is above 38 degrees.
Waterwheel runs in reverse:
  1. Increase water flow / open shut off.
  2. Over head spill box position not in correct location. Move forward to front of wheel.
  3. Spill box located too high over wheel.
Waterwheel has heavy spot during rotation:
  1. Wheel allowed to dry out / Lower bottom heavy top dry.
  2. Wheel needs "weight" added to one side - interior or bucket - balance out.
  3. Bearings need Lithium grease, replace.
  4. Ice build up after sitting, idle, keep wheel running continually.
  5. Broken bucket. Replace.
Waterwheels noise, creaking / jumping / popping:
  1. Tighten all hardware, grease bearings. Wheel will make diffrent sound with different seasonal changes, will not affect operation of wheel.
Pond water level low:
  1. Slow waterwheel speed.
  2. Allow wheel to touch water for it to act as a breaking system, help prevent throw-out of rear of wheel, increase water level (maintain).
  3. Spill box located to high over wheel, lower spill box.
  4. Pond cracks or rip in pond insert. Drain repair.

Mostly Asked Questions & Answers

What kind of pump is needed to operate Hallster Water Wheel?
  • We suggest a simple pond pump rated operating capacity of 1100 gph for a 4 or 5ft wheel. To lift the water 5ft reduces the capacity to 1000 gph, ten feet, 900 gph. We have submersible pumps available at "Parts and Accessories"
Will my Waterwheel experience damage because of expansion and contraction in different climates?
  • No. The only change you may experience is the sound variation in wheel operation. This is normal.
Will cracks or splits in the water wheel damage the operation of the wheel?
  • No, Natural splitting in wood is common. However, if the wheel has been damage by other means, it could affect the smooth operation and balance of wheel.
How much water does it use?
  • Every pond is different. You may need to add some water that has evaporated, leached out or been splashed out. If you have a stream, leaf jams could cause some overflow loss.
Are there any safety concerns?
  • Be sure you use a G. F. I. C on an 110V. 20amp outlet only!
Why are your Waterwheels not priced the cheapest on the market?
  • Simple, we live up to our name as the Betterbuilt Waterwheel Company; we take no short cuts and use premium materials in every wheel constructed. We value the truth as you do, "You truly get what you pay for!" If your searching for outstanding Natural Beauty coupled with Quality construction and Elegance for your own back yard water feature, water gardens, Koi ponds, streams or lakes this waterwheel addition is for you.
How do I Install my 3ft Waterwheel?
  1. Dig (2) 8 Inch Wide X 12 Inch Deep Holes set @ 30 1\2 Inches apart inside to inside of 4X4 supports.
  2. Level supports install cement around supports let dry.
  3. Install spill box so bottom of spill box is 6 inches above wheel.
  4. Install to inside of support. Push shaft through 1 inch opening.
  5. Bearings mounted to top of 4 X 4 center supports with 3 inch lag bolts.
  6. Center wheel on shaft, tighten allen set screws on rotors & bearings. Fill with grease.
  7. Install pump in pond and connect pump supply line to 1\2 copper supply line. Adjust speed control for water flow.