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- All waterwheels are fully assembled and operable.
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• Water Wheel package includes:

(1) Steel iron shaft.
(2) Pillow block bearings.
(2) Power sealed and coated steel rotor plates with continuous welded locking collars.
(1) Vertical side stand sealed spill box equipped with full ¾ copper supply and speed control operating system.
(2) Vertical wheel side supports (4”x4”x4’)
(4) Lag bolts (64bolts/nuts/washers).
(1) Custom hand crafted / authentic fully assembled.



• Inter wheel shaft casing option:

-Included in price.

• Rotor color options:

-Hunter Green.

• Rotors shaft / Bearing sizes:

- ¾”.
- 1”






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• Sealing / Staining options:

-Oil Penetrating stain cedar. Buy Now!
-Thompsonized clear seal Buy Now!

• Wooden vertical side supports:

-Pressure treated 4”x4”x4’ (standard).
-Cedar 4”x4”x4’ Buy Now! (extra cost)

• Upper spill box. Dropped location “viewed from front”: