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Our Classic Wooden water wheels (unlike cold metal) are that perfect accent you've been searching for, a wonderful "natural" companion to the vibrant scenery in your landscape. Constructed from Highest Quality Cedar or optional pressure treated Ponderosa pine, we have a deep sense of personal pride in every one of our authentic creations.

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Here, the owner not only wanted to visually see but also hear her 6ft pressure treated Hallster Waterwheel feature, located at the main entrance of her home. She enjoys sitting on the front Porch in early morning with coffee in hand and then at evening dusk while viewing her well orchestrated Waterwheel pond and garden feature. We configured a simple small round cement pond with flag stone that mirrored the size of her 6ft preferred Wood Hallster Waterwheel. We simply added low cost time controls for Low voltage lighting and also to control her small pond pump which also ran her waterwheel. She easily adjusts the speed of her wheel to her particular liking with our own designed Hallster waterwheel Speed control devise, which comes standard with all our waterwheels. That's just another reason why were widely known as truly a better built waterwheel company. You can be very creative with your Waterwheel feature. Here we supply fresh water to her pond from her nearby run off rain downspout coming from her home. She truly is a creative person as was evident as she requested the layout of her plants, pond, rocks, trees and more. To proud Hallster Waterwheel owners surprise there is little maintenance that is required. For example, this owner simply fills 2 pillow block bearings that have what is known as zerks, a small brass nipple like piece that accepts grease to the interior part of the bearings, she cleans the simple pump filter if needed. Then when needed tightens any hardware. Takes all of 10 minutes. Its a well known truth to all those who own a "Quality" Wood Hallster Waterwheel, yes there is a substantial benefit that cold metal waterwheels cannot come close to. We enjoy and invite the constant changing sounds and antique aging looks of the original wooden waterwheel as it revolves into the different seasons and changing temperatures day by day month by month and year by year.
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