Why Choose Hallster Products?

Our Classic Wooden water wheels (unlike cold metal) are that perfect accent you've been searching for, a wonderful "natural" companion to the vibrant scenery in your landscape. Constructed from Highest Quality Cedar or optional pressure treated Ponderosa pine, we have a deep sense of personal pride in every one of our authentic creations.

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Introduction and Greeting

This short video features Greg Hall of Atlanta, Georgia commonly known as the "waterwheel guy." He is a real Waterwheel Enthusiast and also the founder of "Hallster Waterwheels." Please be assured, we all at Hallster Waterwheels strongly believe that getting to know "WHO" you are buying from and having easy accessibility is of utmost importance to you and most all serious consumers. Many Waterwheel sites offer many things but actually deliver very little with abundant absence related to genuine waterwheel quality. The result being you then, left to deal with an inferior product. We are highly interested in helping each and every potential owner to make the best informed decision. We feel confident with plenty of good reason, you will choose the Better built waterwheel. As you join the growing number of HALLSTER WATERWHEEL Owners nationwide, you can have the confidence and assurance you will receive our unbeatable Customer Service and Best of product.

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