Why Choose Hallster Products?

Our Classic Wooden water wheels (unlike cold metal) are that perfect accent you've been searching for, a wonderful "natural" companion to the vibrant scenery in your landscape. Constructed from Highest Quality Cedar or optional pressure treated Ponderosa pine, we have a deep sense of personal pride in every one of our authentic creations.

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Our branded signature "Better Built" custom waterwheels are in our opinion truly the BEST BUILT products of their kind in the business. WHY? We construct our product to highly detailed, tested and maintained specifications, utilizing hand picked choice Quality Cedar and other optional preferred woods. Next we complement each wheel with weather resistant 1/4" metals, primers, paints and reliable proven fasteners. You won't find any "nails" garnishing and struggling to hold our waterwheels together. We utilize authentic PROVEN dowel construction methods as used in the creation of the finest Authentic Wood Waterwheels.

Our products are not the cheapest in the full sense of the word, but they are by far the best value and quality you can find. You cannot sense the Natural feel, sound and warm inviting look from a cold metal welded waterwheel! We never take any "short cuts" on maintaining Quality; rather we take the time, invest the money and give the dedication to assemble a true wood masterpiece.

Worried about installing your new Hallster Waterwheel? Our wheels are simple and easy to install and if needed, Customer Service will guide you through. Our Authentic water wheels are completely guaranteed to work and look like Natural perfection. Again, we take no shortcuts on quality at Hallster Waterwheels, we care deeply about you and every wheel that goes through our company, and it truly shows.